T & A Australia have designed and implemented many new recycling plants to customer or kerbside contract requirements, as well as, modified and upgraded existing plants. They varied from handling paper, glass or containers only to the full mix of paper and containers.

Over the years T & A Australia have developed their own unique concept of recycling plant, which is ideal for smaller volumes, but can readily take in more without any plant modifications.

The main features of this concept are:

  • Extreme Manning Flexibility
    The plant may be operated by only one person for 'full' sorting of smaller volumes or at anytime, up to 7-8 persons for a throughput of up to 6 tonnes /hour.
    It therefore allows the plant to be operated on the basis of a fixed tonnage /man /hour sorting rate, regardless of throughput.

  • Compactness of Design
    The whole plant of 6 tonne /hour capacity will fit in a building with a floor area of 30m x 40m leaving ample space for indoor storage, office space, lunch room and amenities.

  • Full Scope
    The concept can be applied for handling containers only, as well as, paper and containers mix.
    The standard concept layout allows sorting of steel (automatic) and aluminium cans, all glass and plastic bottles by colour and type, liquid paper board, etc.

  • Uninterrupted Process
    The plant operates continuously, without downtimes for bin changes, baling activities, etc. and allows for belt speed changes and control programs in its PLC.


'Containers only' plant

'Containers only' with an automatic plastic bottle sorter

Contract dedicated sorting plant for 'containers only'

Container and paper plant commingled

Plant that can be switched over from paper sorting only to container sorting

Paper only recycling plants

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